When our favorite college dropout (no not Kanye) the late Steve Jobs said “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — living with the results of other people’s thinking,” as part of a keynote graduation speech, we all nodded YES!!! Then proceeded to live intentionally for like, the next month or so. But God in his providence and wisdom managed to get us tied and tangled up in purpose, and now we find ourselves at a greater level, with more opportunity and facing bigger fears.

Last time, we silently gut-checked our “real.” And in fairness, speaking life to some of God’s children is a struggle. But he’s called us to it and will grace us through it (lol)! Being honest, elevation and separation aren’t just scary because of the loneliness factor. They’re scary because we find ourselves face-to-face with opportunity. The fear of messing up what we’ve not really worked for, or in other cases messing up the ONE thing we’ve worked for can give us bigger butterflies than a 13 year old talking to their crush. The weak knees, damp palms, words flying out of the brain sort of emotions. Instead of learning how to confront our insecurities or use the tears as cleaning agents, we cower behind the power of the emotion and try to shrink into our favorite hiding spot.

Only, we can’t fit behind the couch and most certainly aren’t invisible. The biggest challenge in stepping out, for IT people, is the moment right before the Spirit kicks in. It’s the moment where the weight of your humanness becomes unbearable and all you can hear is why you’re not qualified. When we find ourselves at tables, on phone calls or in the room with greatness we have to remind ourselves of one thing: We have a GREAT God living within us, who has not brought us this far JUST to bring us this far. So boss up.

No, not YOU. The Spirit in you. You’re in the room because your purpose is drawing you closer and closer to the things God destined to be yours. Your faithful activity and your gift is making room for you in ways, places and spaces that you only saw in your dreams. So now on the precipice of them coming into manifestation, slide into the seat and get comfortable. It might feel weird, but you’re there on purpose and in purpose. If your rooms haven’t manifested yet, take courage in this blog to know that your time is on the way. Have faith in the prophecy that God downloaded into you, when he gave you the vision. Now just stay the course.

Who knew transition was mostly a battle of convincing our brain to believe what our Spirit already knows? Where are you at with this? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter (@iAmTrishaAlicia). Don’t forget to share it with a friend. You never know who needs encouragement. Join me next time. I want to know how you handle your emotions during transition.